Musculoskeletal (MSK) Practitioners In Primary Care

FCP is a new model of providing services in primary care practices/GP Surgery; for patients presenting with Musculoskeletal Conditions by MSK practitioners.Musculoskeletal Practitioners are specialist physiotherapist with specialized postgraduate qualification and experience in their specialty. They see patients with musculoskeletal conditions as a first contact practitioners (FCP) in GP practices working alongside GPs. They assess, diagnose, advice, treat, refer for tests & refer for further management to other clinicians/consultants/hospital etc. Some of the MSK Practitioners are also prescribe medicines and perform soft tissue and joint injections.
FCP Service is safe, effective, quality service that significantly reduces cost, pressure on GPs, facilitate patient’s care pathways and save time.

Benefits of MSK Practitioner in Primary Care Practice: -

  • Reduces referrals for investigations such as x-Rays, Ultrasound scan, MRI, blood tests etc. Thus, reducing cost & facilitating early recovery.
  •  Reduces referral to secondary care such as orthopaedics
  • Reducing pressure of MSK cases on GPs 
  • Reduces referral to secondary care MSK and community services
  • Promoting self-managements
  • One window to offer medicine prescriptions, MSK triage & soft tissue & joint injections.
  • Increase referrals to physical activity services & social prescribing.
  • 99% conversion rate for surgical intervention
  • 99% accurate identification of serious pathology by MSK Practitioners.
  • Save time of GPs by reducing MSK case load on them.

MSK Practitioners in Primary Care are helping to transform's patient's lives by:

1.  Facilitating early recovery
2.  Reducing disability
3.  Improving quality of life
4.  Preventing referral to hospitals
5.  Saving time.

What We Do?

FCP Service:

  • Set Up & Run FCP Service for your practice, at agreed number of hours to see your patients with musculoskeletal conditions. The patients will be managed in session, or referred on via your normal referral routes. Our set up will fully integrate with your current ways of working.
  • Injection Clinic: Set Up & Run injection clinic or session in your practice according to your agreed number of hours and session.
  • Our physiotherapists are advanced practitioners, highly skilled, highly qualified and very well trained with several years of experience. Some of them are independent medicine prescribers and some have soft tissue and joint injections qualification. 
  • We encourage and provide training, supervision and peer support to ensure our clinicians are up to date with the latest research. 
  • All governance is managed through us according to GP practice’s current guidelines. GP Practices deals directly with us and we take all the hassle away.
  • currently we are providing FCP services to many GP practices. The feedback from practice managers, doctors and patients is very satisfactory.
  • NHS England has acknowledged the contribution of MSK practitioners and has approved to appoint MSK practitioners in GP practices.
  • If you are interested to set up MSK Practice in your surgery, get in touch with us.