• At FCP Medical, we have qualified  and experienced advanced Physiotherapists and Consultant Physiotherapists with special interest in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Some of our physiotherapists are also independent medicine prescriber. They can also aprescribe and review your medicines when required.  

  • They can help you to manage your condition. If you have any soft tissue and joint problem or need  help to manage your post-operative symptoms and rehabilitation, get in touch.  

  • We also offer advice on bells palsy, peripheral nerve lesions such as foot drop, wrist drop or median nerve palsy and stroke.

  • We also offer advice on certain respiratory conditions. You can enquire before booking appointment. 

  • We are here to serve you better to help you to regain your health.

  • Appointment Duration: 20 minutes

  • Our Consultation fee is just £50. 

  • Timings: Monday- Saturday.

  • All our appointments are pre-booked, so book appointment in advance.