What About If I Want To Book A Longer Session Or Want To Have Multiple Sessions?

The normal appointment duration is 20 minutes, if you want to book a longer session or want to have multiple sessions, you can select 2-3 or even more sessions at once. You will be charged as per the number of sessions you book.

Do You Accept Insurance?

No, we do not accept assurance directly, We will send you your payment receipt which you can use to reimburse from your insurance company.

What About If I Only Need A Sick Note. Do I Still Need To Book An Appointment?

How can you get a sick note without talking to our doctor? Off course, you have to book an appointment for appointment for the sick note as well.

Do I Need To Provide All Information Again For A Follow Up Appointment?

Yes you have to provide all the details for the follow up session as we do not keep record.

What About If There Is No Improvement In MY Health Condition Even After Talking The Prescribed Medicine?

In such a case, you can book a session with one of our doctor’s. He /She will review your case again and advice you accordingly.

Do You Share My Record With My Gp?

No Record will be shared without your consent.

Can I Choose The Doctor Own My Own When Booking An Appointment?

We will do our level best to book your appointment with the doctor of your choice but it may not be possible in certain circumstances. For example, availability and schedule of the doctor and your condition may require you to be seen by a different clinician.

Need A Second Opinion About My Health Condition. What Should I Do? How Much It Cost?

You need to book an appointment with one of our doctor and submit any relevant documents and information. If it requires, regular appointment, the cost will be the same as for 20 or 15 minute’s appointment. However, in complex cases, book more than one appointments and cost will be accordingly.

If you still have any question, please feel free to reach us.