Workout Stretches
Workout Stretches

Workout Stretches

Physical stretches are vey important in any exercises and physical activity program both at the start and at the end of the program. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury and other complications.  If a person is physical inactive, he/she is more prone to various conditions suchs as COVID19,  obesity, diabetes, hypertension, muscle and joint pains. Regularly doing physcial exercises and stretches improves the general fitness, activty level and reduces the risk of many diseases. 

Benefits of Doing Stretches

Stretches are very useful. Some of the benefits of doing stretches are listed below:

  1. For warm up and pre-workout.
  2. To improve flexibilty.
  3. To improve range of motion of the joint such as shoulder, hip or any othe rbody joint.
  4. To reduce pain such as back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, calf pain etc.
  5. For body conditioning.
  6. To control or lose body weight.
  7. To prevent post workout injury.
  8. To elevate mood and to reduce stress.
  9. To promote body relxation.
  10. Stretches are important part of any rehabilitation program.

Therefore, streteches are very useful. However, incorrect technique or doing stretches when these are not inidctaed, could cause damage and side effects. Therefore, you should always get expert advice before starting any stretches and physical acitivity so that you can reap its benefits properly.  


This video shows some of the stretches and physical exercises but you should get advice before doing any stretches and exercises.   

Workout Stretches


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